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Welcome to VirginVA

A Virtual Airline that caters to beginners or real world pilots

Virtual Virgin Airlines was founded early 2017 by 5 Flight Simulator enthusiast who all had the same frustrations with other airlines. We all wanted an airline which didn’t impose strict limitations on the pilots or the routes, we wanted a relaxing atmosphere where we could enjoy the world of flight simulation without having to worry about the strict rules and procedures required by other airlines.

Large Fleet

We have a large fleet with all different types aircraft available. Unlike other airlines we do not impose limitations depending on your hours flown, if you want to fly a 777 on your first flight, you can fly a 777 on your first flight.

No schedules or route limitations

Whether you want to fly our real world Virgin routes or create your own, we do not impose any scheduling or route limitations, fly whenever and wherever you want.

Real Time Tracking & Pilot Reports

We utilize the industry standard SmartCARS which allows for real time tracking of flights and automated PIREP reporting once a flight is complete.

Great Discount Codes

We have discount codes available from most major Flight Simulator addon developers for all pilots after flying for more than 2 hours with Virgin Virtual Airlines

Discord Server

Our Disocrd server is a perfect way to meet people with the same passion as you. With a members of staff from all around the world, there is someone to asist your every need 24/7.

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A collection of eyecatching screemshots from our pilots sims. Which is your favourite?


Pusing Back from stand.


Taking off

Miles Flown
Happy Pilots

Effective and timely feedback is a critical component of a successful collaboration.

I joined this Virtual Airline a month ago not knowing what to expect and not knowing much about the flight sim world. Joining this VA was the best thing that I have ever done.


James Thomas

Junior First Officer

I joined this VA a couple of months ago now, with prior expierence and a couple hundred hours on the clock! The staff welcomed me and were really helpful getting me set up. I would recommend this VA to anyone!


Michael Quinn

First Officer

I joined this VA 4 months ago with a bit of prior experiece and have worked my way up through all of the ranks. This VA is fun and deffinently my favourite so far!!


Matthew Keel

Senior Captain

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